Save the Date! Annual Roosevelt-Hamer Dinner May 10!

February 17


Our 6th Annual Roosevelt-Hamer will be on Saturday, May 10th at 6 PM. We will be in a beautiful new location at the Carrillo Ballroom at 100 E Carrillo in Downtown Santa Barbara. Join us in celebrating this year's award recipients and help thank them for their contribution to a stronger Democratic community.


We'll see you there!



Apply to our Internship Program!

January 30

Looking to gain political experience, build your resumé or develop valuable field experience? We can help!

As the Organizing Director I would like to invite you to learn more about the Santa Barbara County Democratic Party Internship Program. Interning with the Party means working and thinking beyond individual candidates or issues and instead working to ensure that Democrats have the information they need to cast their votes but also to engage on Democratic values during the year. Our work is to educate and empower Democrats and remain proactive to create community justice, solidarity and sustainability.

We have designed our Internship program to be educational and challenging but also rewarding. Beyond the direct professional office and political experience, Interns have an opportunity to learn about political and community action. Intern work areas will vary and can include: Party/office administration, Party/Campaign event planning and fundraising, Volunteer/community coordination, and Voter registration/mobilization.

Interested individuals should submit a cover letter and resume to We have different opportunities available in Santa Barbara County, including part-time and full-time, part-year and full-year. For more information, please contact us at (805) 965-8030. Thank you!

Yours in Solidarity,

Gabriel Zacarías, Organizing Director



Celebration of Grant House!

January 05

It's time to honor a leader!

It's your last chance to RSVP to join us in celebrating Grant House's service on the Santa Barbara City Council. Grant has worked hard and now it's our turn to thank him! We will be celebrating Grant's years of dedication to the City of Santa Barbara and enjoying delicious Indonesian/Fusion treats and we want to see you there!

TomorrowMonday, January 6th 5:30-7:30
Sama Sama Kitchen, 1208 State St, Santa Barbara

Please click here to RSVP! We are asking for a donation of $35, or $20 for Young Democrats. See you tomorrow!


Congressional Malpractice

August 12

Congress has gone home for the summer, and I’m tempted to consider that a blessing. Like physicians, legislators should be required to take an oath to first and foremost do no harm. But so far this year, it’s been hard to find any healing going on, and malignant intent is everywhere evident.

Last summer, just before the annual recess (does that term suggest elementary school to anyone besides me?) Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein riffed on “14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever.” He was, of course, referring to the 112th—a relatively benign group compared to the 113th, which has surprised all of us— from cynical lefties to the House Speaker—with its unsurpassed venality and self-debasement.


Faith-Based Health Care in California

June 26

People following recent L.A. Times reporting of how the insidious state-by-state encroachment on abortion rights has suddenly spread to California found out something possibly more distressing by reading Michael Hiltzik’s column this past Sunday: The ban on perfectly legal abortions at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Orange County—a result of that hospital’s new partnership with Roman Catholic counterparts operated by St. Joseph Health System—was formally approved by California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris.


Harris, a much-celebrated rising star in California Democratic circles, somehow was convinced that the blow to women’s health care at this large facility, which handles the biggest share of obstetrics cases in the area, is no big deal.


If you didn’t dig into Hiltzik’s investigation of how this situation developed and how our Attorney General clearly bungled it, take the time to read this column.


I suspect much more will be coming on this story that should be of interest to women and Democrats in general who are already concerned about the erosion of abortion rights and choices across the country. Does California really want to join in this trend?



On Farms and Food

June 03

As both houses of Congress continue work on major farm legislation this month one of the central issues to be resolved is how much money can they take away from food assistance programs.


Yes, at a time when more than 50 million Americans (including 17 million children) are considered “food insecure” by the Dept. of Agriculture, our senators and representatives are haggling over how they can effectively cut back on feeding hungry children, seniors, and veterans, while at the same time continuing traditional subsidies for big Ag. and its allies.



Heat in the Senate

May 07

Is it possible that men and women with the background and wherewithal to get elected to the U.S. Senate would not understand that there are limits to how deeply they can offend public sensibilities without paying a price?




April 20

By now we’ve just about heard it all regarding guns—call it what you wish: gun control, stopping gun violence, protecting gun rights, “second amendment remedies”—it’s all been covered, and I’ve doubted I could hear anything truly new.

And with this past week’s showdown vote in the Senate, I’d say we’ve felt it all as well. The sense of disappoint and outrage has been palpable here on the left coast. We have a hard time assimilating the utter venality of politicians so cowardly that they cannot conceive of doing the right thing even when it’s a matter of lives to be saved versus dollars to be raised.


On Raising the MInimum Wage

March 28

When President Obama urged Congress in his State of the Union address to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $9, he got plenty of support from his audience—well, not Republicans, of course. Still more applause, though, for linking future increases to the cost of living. He said even Mitt Romney had agreed with him on that point. But the cameras cut straight to a tight-lipped Paul Ryan, looking a bit peeved over the president’s presumptuous assertion.

The fate of this item in Congress is not clear yet, but certainly it will be vigorously opposed by conservatives in both houses. Not surprisingly, it was Herman Cain—fast food magnate and former President of the National Restaurant Association—who led the charge the next day on Fox News, tearing down the concept of paying low-rung workers something closer to a living wage.


Taxes and Inequality

March 14

Anyone who hasn’t seen this little “talking chart” video about wealth inequality in the U.S. that’s been circulating recently should take six and a half minutes of their time to check it out. It’s not news—at least it shouldn’t be—just concise exploration of basic truths that are becoming more and more self-evident.

Once we understand how stark the contrast is between what would be a fair or healthy distribution of wealth for our country and how things actually stand these days, we can’t help but wonder how it got this way and what can be done to at least stop the disease from worsening.


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