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P.O. Box 22435, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Central Committee

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Santa Barbara County Democratic Party will be making operational adjustments in order to do our part to prevent community transmission of this disease.

Democratic Central Committee meetings will be held via video and teleconference in accordance with California Democratic Party recommendations.

In accordance with our bylaws, any registered Democrat may attend Central Committee meetings. If you would like to attend, and are not a member or ex-officio of the committee, please sign up by clicking here.

What is the Central Committee?

The Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee is an elected body that makes up the Democratic Party in Santa Barbara County.

The Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee is an elected body that organizes the Democratic Party in Santa Barbara County. Members are elected every 4 years on the US Presidential ballot based supervisorial district. Each club also has a representative on the SBDCC. Meetings are held at 7pm on the FIRST Thursday of every month in the middle of the county at Pea Soup Andersens in Buellton, CA. Meetings are open to any registered Democrat.

For this purpose the Central Committee does the following

    • Recruits, trains, and endorses candidates
    • Sends voting delegates to party conventions
    • Coordinates campaign efforts for candidates and issues
    • Sponsors voter outreach and registration drives
  • Recruits volunteers to support candidates and issues

Committee Members


  • Christian Alonso (Controller)**
  • David Atkins (South County Vice-Chair)**
  • Robert Handy
  • Carol Keator (South County At Large)**
  • Charles Croninger
  • Gabriel Escobedo


  • Hillary Blackerby
  • E.J. Borah
  • Joan Vignocchi
  • Lucille Boss Ramirez
  • Gail Teton-Landis
  • Darcél Elliott (Chair)**


  • Anne Berry
  • Denise El Amin (North County Vice-Chair)**
  • Jeffery Hall
  • Bill Rosen
  • Antonio Ramirez (North County At Large)**


  • Janet Blevins
  • Leah Braitman
  • Teri Doutney


  • Roger Hart
  • Laura Selken (Secretary)**


  • Monique Limon – 19th District Senator
  • Geordie Scully – Ex-Officio Alternate for Monique Limon
  • Steve Bennett – 37th District Assemblymember
  • Hannah Sullivan– Ex-Officio Alternate for Steve Bennett
  • Salud Carbajal – 24th District Member of Congress
  • Jordan Killebrew – Ex-Officio Alternate for Salud Carbajal
  • Dawn Addis – 35th District Assembly Candidate
  • Joe Pierre – Ex-Officio Alternate for Dawn Addis (North County Vice-Chair)**


  • Brian Gee – Club Rep for Lompoc Valley Democratic Club
  • Larry Bishop – Club Rep for Santa Ynez Valley Democratic Organization
  • Sara Mcdonald – Club Rep for Democratic Club of the Santa Maria Valley
  • Charlie Clouse – Club Rep for Democratic Service Club
  • Paula Johnson – Alternate Club Rep for Democratic Service Club
  • Audrey Edel – Club Rep for Campus Democrats at UCSB
  • Suzanne Cohen – Club Rep for Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County
  • Carlos Lopez – Club Rep for Santa Barbara Young Democrats

**Executive Board Member