Faith-Based Health Care in California

People following recent L.A. Times reporting of how the insidious state-by-state encroachment on abortion rights has suddenly spread to California found out something possibly more distressing by reading Michael Hiltzik’s column this past Sunday: The ban on perfectly legal abortions at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Orange County—a result of that hospital’s new partnership with Roman Catholic counterparts operated by St. Joseph Health System—was formally approved by California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris.


Harris, a much-celebrated rising star in California Democratic circles, somehow was convinced that the blow to women’s health care at this large facility, which handles the biggest share of obstetrics cases in the area, is no big deal.


If you didn’t dig into Hiltzik’s investigation of how this situation developed and how our Attorney General clearly bungled it, take the time to read this column.


I suspect much more will be coming on this story that should be of interest to women and Democrats in general who are already concerned about the erosion of abortion rights and choices across the country. Does California really want to join in this trend?


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